Fundraising Finally Enters the 21st Century!

The Customer Experience

As simple as a text.

Text your group's unique short code to 20300 and receive a link to the catalog of items. Supporting a group shouldn't require knowledge of a randomly generated code or a secret password or demand the intimate details of your life. With Text4Funds, everything you need is only a text away.

A catalog in your pocket.

Customers will rediscover fundraising to be easy, convenient, and even fun. Gone are the days of being required to carry a brochure everywhere and track down a pen to take orders. We have conveniently placed the catalog on the one thing you always have on you: your mobile phone. 

No Cash. No Check. No Problem.

In an ever-increasingly cashless society, our requirement that every supporter have cash or check on-hand makes less sense every day. We've removed this obstacle by implementing electronic payment options into our store. People can now purchase fundraising products the way they buy everything else: Credit/Debit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.

The Volunteer Experience

Choose the products you will sell.

We create a personalized storefront featuring your group's name and all of the products you have elected to sell.

Promote your text short code.

Unique to your group, this allows each seller to receive a shareable link to your group's storefront right on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Relax and watch the orders come in.

No more weekend classes to become an amateur accountant. No more detective work to locate that missing order or check. Our automated and foolproof system does the math dirty work and systematically tracks all the details on every order.

Try Text4Funds

Curious to see Text4Funds in action?

Try it now by texting FUNDS to 20300. You'll receive a link to a sample store we put together. Feel free to browse around and discover just how easy fundraising can be in the 21st century!


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